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Current Events
Opening of the 4th Season of "Cultural Creation and Civic Consciousness" Series
January 25, 2006: The fourth season of the series "Cultural Creation and Civic Consciousness" for students and lecturers of the MA program was launched at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. The event, organized by Gilo Center research fellow Dr, Daphna Saring, Head of the Sapir College Department of Film and Television Studies, presented a screening of the film "Strike" by filmmakers Mr. Asaf Sudri and Mr. Amir Tausinger. This documentary chronicles the failed attempt of "Haifa Chemicals South" factory workers to establish a labor union.
The film raises fundamental issues pertaining to industrial and labor relations in a capitalist society, such as the right of workers to associate in unions,  and the question of the basic working conditions that should be offered to workers in a fair and just democratic society. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion between the students, the filmmakers and Mr. Amram Ben-Simon, a former "Haifa Chemicals South" factory worker who was among the strike’s leaders and is one of the tragic heroes of this film.

(Left to right): Filmmakers Asaf Sudri and Amir Tausinger with Mr. Ben-Simon

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